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HL Refund Policy

Winter Skills & Clinics

Full refund 1 day before the event.

No refund the day of the event.

2017 Spring Season Registration Refund Policy

Before rosters are submitted for League Play on March 15th.

Full refund less $25 processing fee:

 Math:  $150 less $25 or $125 Refund.

Uniform Considerations (below):

Grades 4-8 plus returning 3rd Graders:

A purchased uniform can be returned if not worn for a Full Refund:

($30 Shirt, $25 Shorts, Total, $55).

New 3rd Graders

Returning an unworn uniform is expected.

NOT returning the uniform or should the uniform have been worn will cost an additional $55. 


$150 less $25 processing fee less $55 = $70 Total Refund.

After Rosters are submitted for League Play on March 15th.

HL will retain the entire cost of registration (including any late charges).

Uniform cannot be returned.