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REGISTRATION OPEN until December 1...

It's the time to register for spring 2024 Riptide Lacrosse!! We are excited for our spring season and hope we see lots of new and returning players!

As with previous years, registration is by grade and gender. What is new is our website and registration system. We are in the process of moving to Sports Engine (League Athletics is being discontinued), and our registration will be done through the new platform. Many of you will find you are familiar with the new system--it is used for HYA as well as other sports organizations. If you are not familiar with it, we think you'll find it pretty intuitive and easy to use. We will roll out the new website soon but for now, please copy and paste the link below into your browser:



Grade/ Registration  & Uniform Costs:

  • New 1st-3rd Graders in our travel program - $100, includes uniform 
  • Returning 2nd/3rd/4th Graders - $100, plus uniform cost 
  • 5th-8th Graders - $150, plus uniform cost 

There is a maximum family rate of $300 for registration (uniform cost is separate). If your family has 3 or more players, please contact Kevin Curtin (kdcurtin@yahoo.com) before completing registration.


We do not want the cost of registration or uniforms to be a barrier for any child. If you need assistance, please contact Cindy Taylor (cindy.taylor67@gmail.com).


Uniforms are not changing so if your child already has a uniform and it will fit for the spring season, no need to order a new one. Please take the time to check on uniform sizing before you complete registration so you can order a new uniform (complete uniform or separate pieces) now, if needed. We will be placing uniform orders this winter so that we receive them for the beginning of the season. We will not be able to order uniforms in the spring because we won't receive them in time.

If you have any trouble with registration or questions about Riptide, please contact Kevin (kdcurtin@yahoo.com) or Cindy (cindy.taylor67@gmail.com)




Thank you to our long-time generous sponsors who support this organization and help make Riptide possible. We greatly appreciate your investment in our players' experience!






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